Network Economics Group Members


Federico Echenique works in game theory, microeconomic theory, and mathematical economics. He works on two-sided matching models, focusing on algorithmic implementations of centralized matching market mechanisms. He also studies the empirical content of economic theories, among other things trying to understand the additional observable consequences of imposing complexity constraints on existing behavioral theories.

John Ledyard
works in economic and game theory and mechanism design and dynamics. His applied work includes electricity markets and policy (integrating economics and control), management of fisheries (market design for catch share programs), and public management (space exploration).

Omer Tamuz studies social learning and dynamics on networks. He explores how groups of people share and aggregate information in various settings, and the impact of the geometry of their social networks on these processes.

Adam Wierman's research interests center around resource allocation and scheduling decisions in computer systems and services. More specifically, his work focuses both on developing analytic techniques in stochastic modeling, queueing theory,scheduling theory, and game theory, and applying these techniques to application domains such as energy-efficient computing, data centers, social networks, and the electricity grid.

Leeat Yariv
works in Collective Choice, Analysis of Communication, Social Networks, Mechanism Design and Experimental Economics.

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