Travel and Hotel Information

Travel Funding

Some travel funding is available for students and postdocs to attend the workshop. To apply, please send an email to Katrina Ligett (katrina -at- caltech -dot- edu) by Thursday, March 12, with ~2 sentences about how the workshop is relevant to your work, an estimate of the airfare cost, and a description of the other sources of funding available to you. Applicants will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Getting to the Workshop

For general directions to Caltech via air and local transportation, please visit the following link: Directions to Caltech.

The Workshop talks will take place in Room 105 of the Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology at Caltech - building #16 on a campus map.

View the Annenberg Center in a larger map

Lodging for the Workshop

Local lodging options can be found by clicking on the map above to search for nearby hotels. A list of hotels with Caltech guest rates can be found here.


A campus parking map can be found here: [pdf]

The most convenient parking for the Workshop can be found in either the Chester Lot (Lot 9) off of Chester Ave., or in the Holliston Structure (Structure 4) off of Holliston.

Attendees will be required to buy a visitor parking permit in order to park on-campus for the workshop. Visitors are allowed to park in unmarked spaces only. Information in regard to parking permit costs and purchasing can be found at Caltech's Parking & Commuter Services website.